Breaking the Single Story (askNivi by Nivi)

So I haven’t been writing for some time, special cocktail of life being life and my writer’s block. However, these past weeks I’ve been involved as a Nivi Campus Ambassador and I’ve learnt so much, I just had to get out of my hiatus and write about it.

First things first,  is a digital health platform that bridges the information and access gap that women and girls face in the health field. It is an initiative of Nivi which was launched in 2016 out of the idea that family planning should be simple to understand, access, and use. They help women & men to find the right methods and providers.  To access #askNivi you text a code for example, “UZIMA3” to 22684 and after you reply to a few questions about where you live, your age and gender; thereafter you can ask any question about sexual health and get answered by a professional.

Uzima3 Insta Poster Mint.jpg

As a campus ambassador, I am under obligation to spread the work about askNivi in order to empower my peers and reject the single stories about sexual health, reproductive health, and contraceptives. To quote Chimamanda Adichie on the Danger of A Single Story  “The single story creates stereotype and the problem with stereotype is not that they are untrue but that they are incomplete, they make one story become the only story“. AskNivi aims to break single stories about sexual health and contraceptives by giving its users an opportunity to get their questions answered objectively and using facts rather than myths and misconceptions.

During our Nivi Campus Ambassador training we also had a number of fun activities :

  • Listening like my life depends on it – this involved a two people introducing themselves to each other then everyone would introduce their partner to the rest of the group:
    • Listening to myself listening to myself
    • Listening to the person speaking without attaching our own interpretation of their words
    • Appreciating each other
    • Asking for permission before addressing certain topics with someone
  • Possibility walk – this is involved us moving from a point A to B while doing a unique move (dancing, walking, running etc.) first solo, duo, in groups of 4, 7 then finally as the whole group:
    • Taking the first step is important to every action we are reluctant to take
    • We have an easier time doing an action the more we do it
    • Teamwork makes the dream work!


I feel so blessed to be part of an initiative aimed at breaking dangerous single stories about sexual health by bringing information to the people.

Remember askNivi is here to privately answer your questions about sexual health. SMS UZIMA3 to 22684 to get started. It’s always confidential and free (on your Safaricom line) to SMS Nivi!


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